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Cambridge Gardens Nursery

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La Petite Ecole Bilingue Cambridge Gardens Nursery welcomes children from the age of 2 years upwards for either morning, afternoon or all day sessions, to take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays (until 12pm), Thursdays and Fridays.

Activities are carried out in English and French by native speakers. 

Our program conforms to the official instructions of the National Education Board, EYFS for English and Education Nationale for French. All our teachers are qualified and hold degrees.

Each evening after teaching has finished, children may remain in after-school care until 6:30PM.




We prioritise:

  • Small class sizes,

  • A personalised teaching program which allows children to progress according to their own individual rate of learning, and not just to their age,

  • A qualified, attentive and devoted teaching staff,

  • The careful supervision of each class by a team of teachers and assistants, tailored according to the age and needs of the children,

  • A flexible teaching plan designed to be easily adapted to cater for each child’s age and rhythm of learning,

  • The constant supervision of children by teachers who are native speakers of the target language,

  • Teaching French and English by incorporating them into other fundamental areas of learning,

  • An active teaching method which offers our pupils a certain autonomy, and allows them to enjoy the pleasure of expressing themselves and of taking part from the very first class,

  • A wide choice of cultural, theatrical, artistic, musical and sports activities taught by visiting staff specially trained in these areas, encouraging the child to blossom both artistically and intellectually,

  • The full integration of all pupils coming from a variety of backgrounds, something for which each child of each group must learn to take responsibility

Our daily routine
About our daily routine


8:30-9:00-Arrival of the children. Free play.


9:10-9:30- Circle Time. Adult led learning.


9:30-9:45-Snack time.


9:45-10.45-Activities in all the areas of learning and development. Adult-led small group activities. Free play.


10:45-11:00-Tidy up Time.


11:00-11:30-Outdoor Play.


11:30-11:40-Preparing for lunch. Hand washing.


11:40-12:15- Lunch Time.                                                            


12:15-12:20-Clean up /Bathroom time.


12:20-14:00-Sleeping. Quiet Reading and Games for the children who are not sleeping.


14:10-14:30-Group Time. Adult led learning.


14:30-15:15-Play Time. Activities in all the areas of learning and development.


15:15-15:20-Tidy up Time.




15:30-16:00-Outdoor Play.


16:00-Departure Time. 


Mondays -9.30-11.00am -Forest school

Tuesdays -2.30-3.30pm - Ballet with specialist teacher

Thursdays - 10 - 11am - Singing with specialist teacher                

Fridays -9.30-10.30- Sport session

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