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Vishenka ("Little Cherry")

Russian-English Nursery

078 7044 3285

Russian English nursery "Vishenka" is located in North Kensington and West Hampstead. The nursery is open weekly during school terms. "Vishenka" provides early education and childcare in Russian for children aged 2 - 4 y.o. "Vishenka" nursery is rated "good" by Ofsted (July 2019). 

The nursery is an open and exciting learning environment with access to an outdoor area that promotes all areas of learning. The room provides a celebration of the children’s work and support the learning at every opportunity.

The excellent management and partnership with parents ensures that all children get the best start on their learning journey.

Management and nursery staff are trained and certificated with the professional courses. Staff continually reflect and  analyze working practices to ensure that children have the best outcomes.

The nursery informs parents of the topics to be studied and how they can support their child at home. Termly meetings explain how well their child is progressing and what they need to do to improve.

Staff regularly completes and assesses each child as an individual against the EYFS curriculum.

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