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How to survive half-term

Some things you might do during holidays:

  • Go check Institut francais pogramme :

  • Sign up for our partners workshop activities : Lego club, Little House of Science, Chelsea Young Writers , Art club at Maxilla with Shirin :

  • Visit a museum, go to parks and walk through London landmarks !

  • Organise playdates ! Don’t be shy and use your parents contact lists to see who is around…

Few tips for parents during holidays:

  • Make sure they sleep enough and eat well

  • If your child has some holiday homework start doing it daily for 15min… it will be better than staying 2 hours on the day before we go back to school with a tired child!

  • …remind yourself that boredom is educational for children. You really do not need to entertain your children all the time. Some boredom is good for children because it teaches them self-reliance and to entertain themselves. Give them plenty of books to read, leave crafting supplies at hand and put some parental control on screen time :)

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