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Puppet theatre emotions

It is a tradition for many years now to invite the well renown puppet theatre Les Trois Chardons to our schools.

At La Petite Ecole Bilingue we love theatre and have drama sessions with children weekly as part of our tailored bilingual curriculum.

The choice of Les Trois Chardons is not random but is a reflection of what we, as a school, like to bring to our pupils, in terms of quality of education.

The show is also an occasion for older pupils of KS2 to enter the world of puppeteers and actors. They like to converse with the actor at the end of the show and have a technical tour of the show.

Teachers all prepare the classes before the show with pedagogical materials and do a follow up in class and parents have the ability to purchase the book with the CD later on as well.

Here are some benefits of puppet theatre for children:

  • Stimulates imagination. The most obvious benefit of puppet-play is encouraging the child's imagination and creativity. ...

  • Emotional development. ...

  • Improves motor skills. ...

  • Learn etiquette. ...

  • Boosts confidence in speaking and reading. ...

  • Increases group participation.

Les Trois Chardons are actually as old as our school... 40 years of work with children! With the same passion, the same care and the same high quality expectations.

Last year one of our teachers even recognised with emotion one of the actors, who she remembered play at her school when she was a child, in a small little village in France!

About our guest:

1 / Sensitive and profound shows adapted to children's audiences

To achieve successful shows, all at the same time sensitive, deep and perfectly adapted to a public of children, the company 3 CHARDONS never hesitated to take the big means. Because behind the apparent simplicity of each show are hidden more than two years of work and research throughout which many professional artists are mobilized: author, director, decorators, sculptors, painters, composers, musicians and finally comedians. By the accuracy of their construction and by the moving and original themes that they address, the shows of the company 3 CHARDONS are known to remain permanently inscribed in the memory and in the heart of the children who have the chance to discover them. As proof of their culmination, all of the company's shows, including the very first ones, continue to be presented regularly and successfully in schools and at La Cachette.

2 / An original and popular broadcast for the benefit of all children

To allow all the schools, big or small, to the city as to the countryside, to receive its spectacles, the company 3 CHARDONS has, from the beginning, made the choice to organize simultaneously several tours of the same show. This way, they are working towards a popular broadcast that allows any child, regardless of their place of residence and regardless of their socio-economic background, to attend a professional live show specially designed for them in their school. The high fidelity of the teachers who welcome the 3 CHARDONS company each year is an encouragement for the entire team to continue this initiative which succeeds in reconciling quality requirements with popular broadcasting.

3 / From the show to the book for the pleasure of the children

To prolong the pleasure and the emotion of each of its spectacles, the company 3 CHARDONS publishes a book which takes again the history and the characters. In schools, this book is part of the process of raising children's awareness of reading. Its original layout allows any child, even if he has not seen the show and if he can not read, to nourish interest in their stories.


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