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Things to do during half-term

Half-term can sometimes be difficult for parents to handle. How to keep our children busy ?

It is actually not only a question of keeping children busy but more of making the best of this precious time we get to spend with them during the school year. Many families manage to plan for a family trip, which is always a great opportunity for children to discover new places or just to spend quality time with their grand parents, cousins or friends.

When it comes to plan for the half-term, for those who stay in London, there are so many things to do that it is difficult to make choices. Depending on your interests here are some suggestions:

1. Museum

London greatest advantage is its immense variety of museums. Many are FREE others can be a bit expensive, but most are really MUST see. They also offer many workshops during half-terms and all year long.

Free: Natural History Museum, Science Museum, V&A, National Gallery, Imperial War Museum, National Army Museum

Others: Transport Museum, Charles Dikens House, House of Guards

2. Parks

London counts among the most beautiful parks in the world, and we can enjoy them all year round. Most of them are FREE. Some show great features and often palaces or museums of their own.

3. Activities

There are plenty of activities organised during half-term. Our school offers a holiday camp but you can also look for other options from science, crafting and cooking, to a variety of sports initiations.

You can also check activities organised by our partners:

4. Shows

Finally, London presents many shows in theaters, from children specific to family friendly shows.

5. Trips

For the most ambitious, we highly recommend to take the time to plan a day trip. There are so many places to see not that far from London!!

Windsor Castle, Hampton Court, Brighton Beach, Dover Castle... Oxford!

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